Career Highlights

2013 – 2017 User Experience Manager at Alibaba (Hong Kong)
2012 – 2013 UX/UI Lead at Beecrazy (Hong Kong)
2011 – 2012 User Experience Lead at Travelzen (Hong Kong)
2010 – 2011 Senior Information Architecture at Heathwallace ( England and Hong Kong)
2006 – 2010 User Experience Designer at Yahoo!7 (Australia)
2005 – 2006 Multimedia Designer at JWT (Australia)
2004 – 2005 Multimedia Design Lead at (Australia)
2001 – 2004 Website developer and designer at (Australia)


2017 – Patent Registered:  一种数据传输方法及装置

Background: At the moment there are quite a bit of limitation on the short distance data transmission between devices. It may be limited to wifi, infrared, bluetooth enabled devices.

Solution: This patent use audio frequency / voice technology to allow two devices to communicate, get connected and eventually transfer data between the two devices.
Patent Link

2016 – Patent Registered: 对象展示方法及装置

Background: When user shop online, it is usually presented photo previews of one standard size, however if the product has more than one size, such as S, M, L, user won’t be able to see the visual presentation of those other sizes.

Solution: This Patent allows user to choose the size that want and preview the product photo in the size that user specified. The visual display could be based on calculation of preset product measurements.
Patent Link

2015 – B2B Full Transaction Goes Online

B2B platform used to be a matching place for buyers and sellers only. There are a lot of off the line transactions such as confirming contract, financing, payment, immigration procedure, shipping / logistics, foreign currency financing, taxation etc which required heavy paper work.

Solution: Redesigned the BOSS system which is the big backend engine behind the B2B platform to allow all B2B transactions to be able to manage, view, track online. It also able reduced a lot of human off the line procedures and save a lot of processing time for B2B transactions.

2015 – Cooperate project with Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Inspired and lead university students to come up with innovative design ideas based on real business cases.



2014 – Increased the overall logistic pick up spot coverage across Hong Kong and Taiwan for Taobao shoppers

First time in Hong Kong, Taobao shoppers can pick up their parcel anywhere, anytime at a lower cost through increased network distribution with 7-11, Circle K, Post Office etc.

There is also improved UI to let user easily to choose their pickup spot based on their preferred location.

2009 – Design Lead at Yahoo!7 Movies Site Redesign Project:

Yahoo!7 MoviesRestructured and redesigned the Movies site, added new functionalities such as personalisation, location setting, session time etc.

Result: Movies site jumped to number one publisher in Market Intelligence a week after launched and was remain in strong position for a long time.


2009 – Design lead at Yahoo!7 TV Site Project:

Yahoo!7 TVDeveloped and designed TV portal, TV Guide and mircosites for each of Channel7’s programs. Provide a total TV to online experience for audiences. This project aims to convert, capture, engage and expand traditional TV user experience with online TV portal, TV Guide, TiVo and IPTV services.

Result: Increased and connected traditional TV user to online and vice versa. TV microsites also attracted a lots of fans and audience after the show for sharing and discussion etc. TV portal is in a strong leading position in the local market.

2009 – Design lead at Yahoo!7 Sport and Creative Design Strategies Project:

Yahoo!7 SportsProvided IA and design solution for individual sport microsites integration also deal with brand, sub-brands and sponsorship related issues.

Result: AFL Brownlow Week was the biggest week ever for the Yahoo!7 AFL channel, Page views increased 400% from the previous weekly record and unique users doubled the previous weekly record and overall reached number 2 in the Nielsen Netview for December 2009.

2008 – Local Representative for Yahoo! Internal Pattern Library:

Worked with local and regional teams to develop and evangelise design pattern library. Developed, shared and communicated design solutions to local, regional and to global Yahoo! design teams.

Result: Provided reusable, scalable design solutions and also developed a platform to share across regions. Saved design and engineer resources.

Here are some of the brands and products that I have the pleasure to work with in the past:


NewsSearch SportsTVCommunity
Channel 7
J. Walter Thompson