Welcome to Karen Yeung’s Portfolio!

My name is Karen Yeung. Currently located in Hong Kong. I have over fifteen years of experience in creating interactive projects, working from the concept, information architecture, sitemap, through to wireframes, prototypes and into the final look and feel.

I am interested in how human factors interact with technology and enjoy designing products and services that enhance user satisfaction.

I was lucky enough to work for a few great companies in my life, such as JWT, Yahoo! and Alibaba as an User Experience Designer and had learnt a lot of different user behaviours from different cultures. Read more about me


Karen is a dedicated, talented and skilled UX professional able to create great visual experiences built on her solid understanding of interaction patterns and efficient information architecture. Her care and attention to detail is unrivaled. User advocacy is always at the heart of her design decisions and she can be relied on to produce elegant solutions to the thorniest of design challenges. I was fortunate to have been able to rely on Karen as a design lead on many large and high profile projects during her time at Yahoo!

Peter Marshall

Consistent from fit to finish. I would use this to describe Karen’s design skills. The creativity and insight that Karen brought to our ever growing suite of network products was invaluable. Her approach and versatility are incredibly thorough, proof that she explores all angles necessary to create the best possible UI and design she can. Karen is a great collaborator, fitting seamlessly into not only the local but global international design teams while also being a high-level independent contributor.

Dee Speed